ZSTcontrol rod

ZST control rod

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The ZST control rod is designed for operating FTP-V Center pivot , FPP preSelect, FTT Thermo windows manual accessories in out-of-reach locations.
For operating windows installed in awkward locations, Fakro can provide practical and seful control rod. This makes the opening and closing of inaccessible window easy, and can be used to operate internal roller and Venetian blinds. There is also a rod to operate an external awning blinds. ZST Telescopic Rod The ZST Telescopic Rod enables the user to operate ARF,ARS blinds and AJP Venetian blinds on windows in out -of-reach positions. It also enables easy opening and closing of windows. Standard rod length is 119 cm, which can be extended to 134, 162, 190 and 218 cm. By using the ZSP extension, it is possible to extend the rod further to 246, 274, 302 and 330 cm.