SRT-10'' Light Tunnel RIGID (diameter-10'')

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* light tunnel consists of the following parts: dome,rigid light transmitting tube(82'' included), prismatic and transparent diffuser and ceiling frame; * silver based and light reflective layer used to convey the light inside the building features the highest (98%) reflective coefficient; * angle adjustable elbow (element of the installation kit not included), gives a possibility to adjust the pitch of tube inclination (between 15°-60°) and helps to avoid construction obstacles during installation; * specially prepared flashings (not included) guarantee easy and water tight installation; * suitable for roofs with pitches between 15°-60°; * there are three types of flashings available; for flat, profiled and high profiled roof coverings. * BASIC CONFIGURATION: Light Tunnel - SRT, Flashing SRS or SRZ or SRH (depends on roof coverings material)
The SRT light tunnel’s main role is the same as the SLT light tunnel’s supplying the interior with the proper amount of natural light. The SRT light tunnel has a rigid light transmitting tube, made of aluminium and covered on its surface with a silver based and light reflective (in 98%) layer. The inside of the tube looks like before mirror. This type of light transmitting tube secures that daylight is conveyed in huge quantities inside the interior. The SRT light tunnel can be used in every kind of buildings, but because of its high effectiveness is recommended to be installed in special building where the daylight is transmitted into long distances e.g. 39' (12 m). The SRT light tunnel can be also used at nights thanks to the light installation kit which performs the function of the lamp. LIGHT TUNNELS’ FLASHINGS Light Tunnel Flashing SRS is suitable for flat roof coverings up to 10 mm (2 layers x 5 mm) thickness e.g. tiles, shingles, slates. SRZ flashing is applied to roof coverings with a profile depth of up to 45 mm such as: tiles, profile metal sheeting. SRH flashing is ideal for fitting light tunnels with profiled roof coverings with a profile depth of up to 90 mm e.g. roof tile, high profile metal sheeting. ACCESSORIES FOR LIGHT TUNNELS SRM extension element length 24" SRC hanger is used when the light transmitting tube is longer then 13' It takes part of the tube’s weight. SLO light kit is applied as an alternative source of illumination at nightfall. Light kit is installed inside the light tunnel.
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TYPE: Rigid
Roof pitches/slope: from 15° to 60°

Instructions/Assembly Sun Tunnel SRT


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