SLT-22'' Light Tunnel FLEXIBLE (diameter-22'')

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* light tunnel consists of the following parts: dome, light transmitting tube (82'' included), prismatic and transparent diffuser and ceiling frame; * flexible light transmitting tube allows easy fitting around any constructional obstacles therefore reducing the cost and time of installation; * specially prepared two types of flashings available; for flat and profiled roofing materials(not included buy separately) guarantee tightness and ease of fitting; * light tunnels are suitable for roofs with pitches between 15°-60° * BASIC CONFIGURATION: Light Tunnel - SLT, Flashing SLS or SLZ or SLH (depends on roof coverings material)
The SLT light tunnel is a completely new FAKRO product designed to bring ample natural light to every part of a property. It makes it possible to illuminate all rooms in the building, even those which cannot be fitted with roof windows or vertical windows. Dimly lit interiors such as bathrooms, dressing rooms, corridors, staircases or basements can be particularly uncomfortable to use. Thanks to the light tunnel, natural light can now be used throughout a building enhancing the user’s comfort, and saving electricity. The SLT light tunnel channels daylight which enters the light transmitting tube through a dome mounted onto the roof. The sun’s rays are reflected off the walls of the flexible tube on to the light diffuser fitted into an internal ceiling. The diffuser spreads the light, evenly illuminating the whole interior of the room. The light tunnel may also be used at night by installing a light kit. LIGHT TUNNELS’ FLASHINGS Light Tunnel Flashing SLS is suitable for flat roof coverings up to 3/8" (10 mm: 2 layers x 5 mm) thickness e.g. tiles, shingles, slates. SLZ flashing is applied to roof coverings with a profile depth of up to 1 3/4" (45 mm) such as: tiles, profile metal sheeting. SLH flashing is used for fitting light tunnels with profiled roof coverings with a profile depth of up to 3 1/2" (90 mm) e.g. roof tile, high profile metal sheeting. ACCESSORIES FOR LIGHT TUNNELS SLM light transmitting tube extension kit. The kit consists of: connecting ring, light transmitting tube 4' (120 cm) element, adhesive tape. The light transmitting tube has other lengths available to order, but they have to be calculated as multiplicities of 1' (30 cm) e.g. 2', 3', 4', (60 cm, 90 cm, 90 cm,120 cm). SLC hanger is used when an overall light transmitting tube is longer then 4m. The hangers are used in order to take part of the tube’s weight and to prevent it from tearing off from the light tunnel’s flashing. Applying SLC hanger eliminates the need to use the extension kit SLM. Only part of the light transmitting tube has to be purchased. SLO light kit is applied as an alternative source of illumination at nightfall. Light kit is installed inside the light tunnel.
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TYPE: Flexible
Roof pitches/slope: from 15° to 60°

Instructions/Assembly Sun Tunnel SLT


How To Install - VIDEO

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