SJP-EX 140 - 24x55 WHITE (electric) FX only

SJP-EX 140-24x55
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* Control direction of incoming light. * Control level of light by altering angle of slats. * Position for partial window coverage. * Reduce excessive heat inside. * Provide privacy without significantly reducing natural light.
The SJP Venetian blind is a popular skylight accessory which can control the amount of light entering the room. Through changing the angle of the lamellaes we can control the direction of sunlight and create a comfortable atmosphere. The Venetian blind protects from overheating and is also a decorative element. Side aluminum rails enable a complete shading of the room and also make it possible to rotate the sash with the blind pulled down.
More Information
TYPE: Venetian Blind
SIZE: 24'' x 55''
COLOR: White (140)
DESIGNED TO: FX - Skylights only
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