attic ladder

LWS-M Basic 27x47 300 lbs 7'2''-8'10''

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LWS-M 27x47
* Functional * Durable * easy to assembly and install * non-slip treads * 1 1/16" thick insulated hatch door * steps level with surface of the ladder * available in size 24/47 * Not fully assembled * LXH -Handrail - Not Included * LXS - Stile ends - Not Included
LWS-M attic ladder, was designed for those customers who look for a good product, but do not want to pay extra for the transport, and things they are capable to do themselves. LWS-M attic ladders are delivered partially assembled. To have the ladder ready for installation, assembly of lower parts of the step ladder together with the springs system is required. Usually it takes 30 minutes to assembly the ladder
More Information
TYPE: REGULAR (insulated lid)
SIZE: 27'' x 47''
MAX LOAD CAPACITY: 300 lbs ANSI approved
CEILING HEIGHT: 7'5'' - 8'11''
ROUGH OPENING: 27½'' x 47''
STEP WIDHT: 3 1/8''
STEP LENGHT: 13 1/4''