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FAKRO LST 27''x31'' Scissor Insulated 350 bs Attic Ladder 7'2"-9'6"

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* 8'6'' - MIN STANDARD CEILING HEIGHT * 7'6'' - MIN STANDARD CEILING WHEN LAST STEP SECTION REMOVED * 9'6'' - MAX STANDARD CEILING HEIGHT * 10'2'' - MAX STANDARD CEILING HEIGHT WITH ONE ADDITIONAL LSS-38 step * 10'10'' - MAX STANDARD CEILING HEIGHT WITH TWO ADDITIONAL LSS-38 steps * Max load: 300 lbs * 1½” thick insulated white finished wooden door– approximate R value 5.2 * Rubber gasket seal virtually eliminates infiltration losses * All hardware fully concealed after installation * Nearly invisible integrated locking latch * Solid metal opening and closing rod * High quality materials and craftsmanship * Other accessories available
1. Scissors metal ladders. Solid and very durable constraction 2. Fits ceiling heights up to 10’10’’ 3. Special springs drop downward while door opens in order to clear a walking area and make wider loading space (LSF only) 4. Patented door hinge increase durability and safety 5. When door is unlocked, adjustable springs never allow door with stairs to drop lower than set limit 6. Anti slip grooves on surface of each step for your safety 7. Special wheels at end of ladder to prevent floor scratching 8. No fixing points visible once installed 9. Lining covering frame – ceiling joint 10. Easy ladder adjustment without cutting 11. Construction of side scissors rails, eliminate need to use extra handrails 12. Two (2) years 100% warranty 13. Installation instruction included in every box 14. Fully assembled – very easy to install
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TYPE: REGULAR (insulated lid)
SIZE: 27'' x 31''
MAX LOAD CAPACITY: 300 lbs ANSI approved
CEILING HEIGHT: 7'6'' - 10'10''
ROUGH OPENING: 27½'' x 31½''
STEP WIDHT: 3 1/8''
STEP LENGHT: 12 1/2''

Instructions/Assembly LST

Diagram with Specification

Diagram with Specification LST




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