One Third Opening -FYP-V U3-proSky window roof window

FYP-V U3 proSky 07 (30"x55") One Third Opening

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FEATURES: * Manufactured with pinewood, pressure treated and finished with three coats of acrylic lacquer. * Handle positioned on the lower part of the sash for easy operation, and secured open in two positions. * Suitable for roofs with pitches between 20° and 65° (complete with flashing). * Wide range of accessories. * FLASHING: ESV (step) or EZV-P (high profile) - REQUIRED !!!
The window opens in pivot function, but the rotation axis is placed above the center of its height, so even a tall person can approach the edge of the open window. The lower part of the sash gives an impression of outward opening and the top constitutes an additional illumination. It is the only window on the market when installed in roofs with pitches 39° - 43° satisfies the requirements of DIN 5034-1* standard, according to which to bottom window edge has to be situated 95 cm above the floor level and the top minimum 220cm. Sash when rotated from 0° to 45° is supported by an innovative auxiliary mechanism, which allows you to leave the open sash in any position. Window operated by the use of handle positioned on the lower part of the sash. Handle equipped with two stage micro-ventilation. Equipped with an automatic ventilator V40P provides the optimum amount of air into the room. V40P automatic air-inlet ensures a healthy micro-climate in the attic and saves energy. Rotated sash is blocked by the bolt for cleaning at an angle of 160°.
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Model: FTP-V L3 07 (30"x55")
ROUGH OPENING: 32 3/16'' x 56 ½''
OUTSIDE FRAME: 30 ¼''x 55''
TYPE: Centre Pivot Opening
Size: 30'' x 55''
Roof pitches/slope: from 15° to 90°
Glass: Laminated glass, Low-E
REQUIRE: ESV (step flashing) or EZV-P (high profile flashing)

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