FWU-R 30x46 RIGHT Opening Egress Roof Window

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FEATURES: * Made from pine wood, vacuum impregnated, with two coats of clear acrylic lacquer * Handle positioned halfway up the sash for ease of opening * Suitable for roof with pitches between 15° and 55° * Requires special flashings ELW and EHW (Note: flashings for skylights are not suitable for escape windows) * Comes with templates to facilitate installation * Range of accessories available * Special order size (Lead time - about 8 weeks) * EUROPEAN SIZE * INSTALLATION ON BRACKETS !!!
Fakro Side Hung Egress FWU window is designed for rooms where building codes require two methods of egress (escape). We ecommend that you install Fakro side-hinged skylights for use as egress roof windows for your safety and so that the building department will give you approval. The egress window is available in two versions, right opening FWU-R or left opening FWU-L. FWU egress windows, do not only provide extra escape way, but also are excellent means of providing extra light to the room, as well as fresh air. FWU size 24/46 window is officially recognized as egress window, and can help safe lives in case of emergency situations like fire.
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Model: FWU-R 30x46 RIGHT
TYPE: RIGHT Openieng (looking from the outside)
Size: 30'' x 46''
Roof pitches/slope: from 15° to 55°
Glass: Tempered glass, Low-E
REQUIRE: ELW (step flashing) or EHW (high profile flashing)

Instructions/Assembly Skylight - FWU L/R


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