FAKRO FVS-306 - SOLAR Powered Venting Deck-Mounted Skylight with Laminated Low-E366 Glass (R.O - 22-1/2'' x 45-1/2'')

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FEATURES: * Made from vacuum pine wood, coated with water based clear acrylic lacquer * Double sealing system * Quick and easy to install * Installation template provided to enable accurate cutting of roof opening * Suitable for roof with pitches between 15° to 60° * Set deeper in the roof for better insulation, and supplied with a perimeter seal * Wider range of accessories specifically for skylights * Manual opening and closing mechanism * Screen included * FLASHING: EL (step) or EH (high profile) - REQUIRED !!! to keep manufacturer Warranty * SOLAR Powered !!! * RAIN Sensors included * REMOTE Control Included * Mosquito Screen Included
The FVS skylight combines the advantages of both skylight and tilting window. Its “warm” frame design incorporates low-E glazing with toughened panes, and a system of perimeter seals. Solar Operated by a mechanism in the bottom part of the frame, the unique system of hinges guarantees both durability and functionality. Each FVS skylight is supplied with an insect screen. Because of the location of the pivot bar in the top part of the frame, the insect screen is installed directly onto the frame. Where the skylight is located in an out-of-reach application of the skylight can be done using remote control. SOLAR powered skylight gives you ability open and close window any time using remote control (included) Don't worry about the rain - RAIN SENSORS Included !!!
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Country of Origin Poland
TYPE: Solar Powered - Venting
Size: 24'' x 46''
ROUGH OPENING: 22 ½'' x 45 ¾''
OUTSIDE FRAME: 24 ½'' x 46 3/8''
Roof pitches/slope: from 15° to 60°
REQUIRE: EL (step flashing) or EH (high profile flashing)

Instructions/Assembly Skylight - FV,FVE


How To Install - VIDEO



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