EBV-P - (20) 44x38 Standing Seam Metal Roof Flashing for FTP-V and FPP-V preSelect Roof Windows only

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EBV-P - (20) 44x38
FLASHING EBV-P - use with FTP-V and FPP PreSelect windows only The flashing for standing seam metal roof allows the skylights to be joined with roofing materials such as standing seam metal roof
Flashings are essential for the correct installation of FTP-V and FPP PreSelect windows. Precisely designed flashing details ensure a durable and neat fit with the roofing material used.The purpose of flashing is to ensure good water drainage away from the skylight
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Model: EBV-P
TYPE: Standing Seam Metal Roof
USE: FTP-V, FPP preSelect - Roof Window Only
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