Flat roof skylight

DEF-D 46''x46'' U6 Electric Vented Flat roof skylight U6 THERMO (triple glazed)

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DEF-D 46''x46''
CHARACTERISTIC: * FAKRO flat roof windows illuminate interiors with natural light, provide room ventilation and combine high functionality with perfect thermal insulation parameters. * Now every room under the flat roof can be warm and full of natural light. * Every room should provide a source of natural light for a dweller to feel comfortable. * The ideal solution in such cases is the installation of specially designed flat roof windows. *DU6 – with coefficient Uw=0.81W/m2K * glazing U-value: 0,5 W/m2K * Rw coefficient: 33 dB * glazing: 4HT-10-4H-10-4HT
The wide range of flat roof windows also includes a version without a dome. The high energy-efficiency and the possibility to manufacture non-standard sizes are important advantages of this system. The window can be made in non-standard sizes to match the specific size of the opening or adapted to the sizes of old skylights due for replacement. Installation range: 0-15°. The flat roof window can be also mounted on an additional base with a height of 15cm, which raises the window and allows its installation, e.g. in green or living roofs.
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Model: DEF-D 30/30 U6 THERMO (triple glazed)
ROUGH OPENING: 46 ½'' x 46 ½''
OUTSIDE FRAME: 46'' x 46 ''
TYPE: Electric Venting Flat roof skylight DU6 THERMO (triple glazed)
Size: 46/46
Roof pitches/slope: from 2° to 15°
Glass: Laminated glass, Low-E

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