FAKRO DRL - 30''x30'' Flat Roof THERMO Hatch

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* Includes insulated multi-chamber PVC curb and gas springs * Anti-slip tape on the base ensures safe access to the flat roof * The sash can be opened up to 80° * Intended for roofs with pitches between 0° and 5° * Can be mounted on an additional XRD base with a height of 5.9", for installation in green and living roofs * Option to install an additional ZBR lock which protects against accidental closure of the sash * Recommended in combination with the LML attic ladder of the same size * 10-year warranty
This insulated roof access has an extra utility feature which provides safe and convenient access to the roof. The uniquely designed hinges and opening system allow the sash to easily open up to 80°. Gas springs operate the sash and keep it stable while open to prevent accidental closure. DRL roof access skylight is an energy-efficient lid unit with an anti-theft inner pane Frame is made up of multi-chamber PVC profiles filled with insulation material Can be mounted on an additional XRD base with a height of 5-7/8-in. (15 cm) for installation on green or living roofs
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Model: FAKRO DRL - 30''x30''
TYPE: Fixed Flat roof skylight DU6 THERMO (triple glazed)
Size: 24'' x 38''
Roof pitches/slope: from 2° to 15°

Instructions/Assembly Window - DXF


How To Install - VIDEO



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