Balcony window FGH-V P2 30''x100'' Gallery - 1 unit !!!

FGH-V P2 30''x100''
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* IMPORTANT : The installation of balcony window requires a trained installer who would be able to properly set up the window. Call for recommendation - tel: 847-962-0483 Available only with flashing: Flashings E__ / G are designed for balcony windows FGH-V Galeria. Flashings ensure tight connection of roof window in the roof slope. They are additionally marked with the letter G. Flashings which are available: ESV / G – for flat roof coverings- up to 10 mm thickness (2 x 5 mm): roofing paper, shingles, slate, EZV-A / G – for profiled roof covering up to 45 mm profile depth: tile, profiled metal sheeting, EHN-A / G – for high profile roof coverings up to 90 mm profile depth: tile, high profiled metal sheeting, EHN-AT / G Thermo - universal flashing with an additional thermal insulation designed for the majority of roof coverings up to 90 mm profile depth. The installation range in the roofs with pitches from 35 ° to 55 ° for installation depths V, N. Balcony window FGH-V Galeria can be combined horizontally with FDY-V windows with raised axis of rotation windows when installed with special flashings for combinations K__ / G. Both (FGH-V and FDY-V) windows have a lower sash of the same height.
An innovative, large roof window, in which the sashes create a functional balcony in the loft. The upper sash is opened steplessly upwards. The bottom sash tilts forwards to a vertical position, allowing free access to the balcony recess. It is enough to take a few steps in order to get “outside” and feel the warmth of the sun rays, refreshing breeze or admire beautiful views. The upper sash is opened steplessly upwards, up to an angle of 45°. The side rails are integrated into the bottom sash and extend during its opening. When the lower sash is closed, the balcony rails hide inside the window and are not visible above the roof surface. They are concealed under the window flashing, hence do not collect dirt or spoil aesthetic appearance of the roof. Both upper and bottom sashes are equipped with safe P2 glazing units as standard with laminated inner panes and toughened outer panes with easy maintenance coating. The window features a multi-point locking system, without a traditional locking assembly. After turning the handle, the sash is locked at two sides of the frame. Large sizes of the balcony window let plenty of natural light into the room. The window is equipped with an automatic air inlet V40P ensuring the optimum amount of fresh air in the room and energy savings. As standard is equipped with XDP insulation set consisting of insulating material of sheep wool tress and air-permeable flashing. XDP set enables fast and appropriate implementation of thermal and air-permeable insulation around the window. Balcony windows are available in size 94x255cm along with universal flashings. Installed in the roofs with pitches between 35º and 55º. Recommendation: installation in roof construction without L-shaped wall, in rooms with properly working ventilation.
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Model: FGH-V P2 30''x100'' Gallery
ROUGH OPENING: 31 ½'' x 101 ½''
OUTSIDE FRAME: 30'' x 100''
TYPE: Balcony Window
Size: 30'' x 100''
Roof pitches/slope: from 35º and 55º
Glass: Laminated glass, Low-E
REQUIRE: ESV / G – for flat roof coverings or EZV-A / G – for profiled roof covering or EHN-A / G – for high profile roof coverings or EHN-AT / G Thermo - universal flashing

Instructions/Assembly Window - FTT-THERMO


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